Posting DateJul 22, 2018

40 Watt Music Benefit

The 40 Watt BRWA Music Benefit

August 25, 2018


Doors open at 7:00 pm


Veronica Darby MC


Band Line-up


8:00 Nic Goodson  Nic Goodson of the Sleepy Horses will return to Athens to blow your mind with his guitar prowess.


8:30 Leaving Countries with Louis Pelot


9:00 Summer Hymns with Zachary Gresham, Jamie Huggins, Bryan Nuse, David Specht, Adrian Finch


9:30 Diet Dangfly with Adam Payne, Scott Nicholson,Shawn Patrick (dangfly)


1000 Joe Willey and the Movin' Men


spoken word from Davis Ripley Keller and Bret Eades.
And more surprise guests!


The 40 Watt