Land, Water, People

The Broad River Watershed Association (est. 1991) is a non-profit, regional land trust dedicated to the protection and management of the Broad River and its watershed in northeast Georgia.


Mission Statement

To preserve the Broad River as a free-flowing river system and to support land use compatible with the maintenance of water quality, scenic rural character, and the preservation of sensitive natural and historic areas and wildlife habitat.



About Us

The Land Trust is a community based organization that provides creative resource management strategies by working with land owners and land management agencies, by accepting and managing conservation easments and donations of property, and by increasing public awareness. (See the Chattowah Open Land Trust for more about land trusts.)


Water Resources are very important. The condition of a region’s water is inextricably linked to the physical and emotional health of its people. Protecting the Broad River is, therefore, very important to the residents of the Broad River Watershed and is the mission of the BRWA.


The People of the Broad River Watershed, interested in the sustainable use of our resources and in managing them for the benefit of future generations, become the most important element of the land trust. We can work together in many ways as:


  • Members
  • Volunteers
  • Technical Advisors
  • Supporters
  • Donors of easements or land


In this way individuals in the greater community become active in the managment of our area resources and thereby determine the long term success of the BRWA.


The Benefits are significant. The Broad River Watershed Association is involved with important historic, economic, cultural, and human resources in the region. As a 501c3 non-profit corporation, gifts and donations of property and easments may offer income, estate, and property tax benefits that make protecting the watershed more affordable. By protecting the Broad River Watershed we all share the benefits of joining together, saving our natural heritage, and serving our communities.



To contact the Broad River Watershed Association ,
email or write to:

Broad River Watershed Association
P.O. Box 661
Danielsville, Georgia 30633